Holiday Homes & Rentals in Mitte Berlin

Holiday Homes & Rentals in Mitte Berlin

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Highlights in Mitte Berlin

  • Excellent bites and drinks
  • Lots of history and art
  • Amazing squares
  • Shopping experience
  • Lots of fun and entertainment

Prices and availability

Current Holiday letting prices Mitte Berlin

€347for 22 Jun - 29 Jun
€291 annual average
Average price per week

Current holiday letting availability Mitte Berlin

10%for 22 Jun - 29 Jun
38% annual average
Percentage of available rentals

Holiday homes and rentals in Mitte

Holiday homes in the heart of Berlin

Berlin is a large city and Mitte is a central and busy borough home to the Brandenburg Gate, lovely boulevards, art institutions, restored pre-war buildings and the striking Hauptbahnhof train station. Mitte literally means “middle” so this is the ideal location if you like to be central and close to the main landmarks and entertainment options. A few miles from the centre you can stay on a budget in Charlottenburg or find great deals in the modern area or the shopping district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, just 25 minutes away from the centre. Start planning your trip now!

Get a fabulous rental

Couples, friends and groups wanting to live new experiences as well as single travellers who seek to immerse themselves in an unforgettable experience are those who will enjoy this destination and its rentals. Modern, central and well equipped properties with the essential amenities for your stay. From economic to exclusive homes and a wide array of extras such as jacuzzis, fully staffed properties and state-of-the-art tech to make your stay even better.

Holidays in Mitte

The area and getting around

Berlin-Mitte, the most central borough

Berlin is a very cosmopolitan, modern and active city with an impressive past. An important destination of attraction for artists and young professionals who have filled their neighbourhoods with life to turn them into authentic avant-garde spotlights. A combination of history, modernity and cultural life that allows tourists to immerse themselves in a tremendously lively city for a few days. Mitte is a lively borough with a great history and close to the iconic Checkpoint Charlie, the Hackescher Markt area with hip cafes and shops in a series of courtyards, popular squares such as Gendarmenmarkt and the impressive Hauptbahnhof train station.

Berlin - a destination with endless possibilities

Mitte has its own characteristics and the Mitte Museum provides a good overview. The city is a great hub for entertainment, culture and history. It offers a great network of transportation including bus, tram and trains. The main station in Mitte is Hauptbahnhof but there are two other stations from where you can travel - Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz that will give you the option to reach and explore every corner of the city. Mitte is a great point to visit the surrounding cities of Bradenburg, Frankfurt, Onanienburg or Potsdam. But also to visit surrounding cities, such as Potsdam, Brandenburg, Frankfurt or Oranienburg.

Travellers and activities

Mitte for history lovers

Mitte is a great hub for art, culture, design and history. This fashionable metropolis left the past behind and you can still feel the alienation having a look at the large-scale displays along the former line of the wall that divided the city. Monuments erected to remember bits of history that marked a turning point in Berlin. Go to the Jewish Memorial, the Brandenburg Gate, the Parliament building or the UNESCO World Heritage Site named the Museum Island. Visit the internationally acclaimed museum of Pergamon Museum and the popular Altes Museum, Bode Museum, Neues Museum or Alte Nationalgalerie. Enjoy a cultural visit in Mitte and make sure you visit the iconic Checkpoint Charlie.

Mitte for nightlife lovers

Berlin is a lively and vibrant city. Berlin’s nightlife is essential, especially in the Turkish quarter, probably the liveliest. Oranienstrasse street, for example, is full of lively, cheap discos, pubs and bars, in which beer takes on a leading role. When night comes, the Berlin scene is able to fall in love and dazzle visitors, especially electronic music lovers, for something this city is known as the world capital of techno. Therefore, if you are organizing a trip with friends and you are looking for a city with a lot of parties, nothing better than renting an apartment in Berlin. A city that has nothing to envy in this regard to London, Barcelona, Dublin or Prague.

Being 9 times bigger than Paris, Berlin has more canals than Amsterdam or Venice.

Top 5 travel tips in Mitte

1. Walk around the elegant squares

Every square around Mitte is filled with historic landmarks and great attractions. In Pariser Platz you will contemplate elegant buildings, banks and luxury accommodations. Go shopping around Alexanderplatz - a central square where to join a festival or use it as a meeting point as the U-Bahn, S-Bahn and trams stop here. In Rosenthaler Platz you can enjoy nice meals at the many restaurants and cafes with excellent varieties of German and international cuisine.

2. Taste a piece of heaven

Attention chocolate lovers… Rausch Schokoladenhaus is calling your name! The Aztecs considered chocolate as the elixir of the gods and now you can taste it and get mesmerised by the replicas depicting Berlin landmarks including the Brandenburg Gate, the Fernsehturm TV tower or the Reichstag. Try some pralines, truffles, hot drinking chocolate or any of the artsy tartes and cakes. Delicious bites that will take you to another world. Buy a Memorial Church or a Fernsehturm tower to bring back home or as a present for a chocolate lover. Yummy treats are on their way!

3. Take a tour of the Reichstag

The main Parliament building, known as the Reichstag, is one of the most visited buildings in Mitte. Its place in history, a distinctive glass dome by Norman Foster and the contribution to the past of the country are the main appealing features. Register in advance and enjoy the visit!

4. It is time to make a toast!

IWhen you visit any of the boroughs in Berlin, you will always find a brewery where to sample some traditional German beer. In Gendarmenmarkt you can try rustic Bavarian beer from Munich’s oldest brewery and have a tasty bite of roast knuckle pork and a lovely and sweet apple strudel. Mouthwatering bites paired with the best brewed beer. Are you hungry already?

5. A day of retail therapy

The lively markets around Mitte are the perfect place to spend a few hours or a day enjoying your shopping. Just a short walk from Alexanderplatz, there is “Hackescher Hofe”, right beside Hackescher Markt. This is a maze of several courtyards with a wide array of fashion brands and Berlin designers shops such as Moni Novy. Besides clothes, you can also buy some fresh produce, home-baked bread and delicious cheese. If you have a sweet tooth, try or buy some marzipan sweets. Shop ‘til you drop!

FAQs: Holiday Homes & Rentals in Mitte Berlin

What was the average price for a holiday rental in Berlin Mitte in 2020, during the corona crisis?

Our data shows that Berlin Mitte has an average price of €184.55 per night, which is a relatively high one under the neighbourhoods in Germany.

Which month allows you to save the most on holiday rentals?

According to our most recent historical data, the months with the cheapest prices in Berlin Mitte are January, November, and June, with average prices of €163.89, €165.23 and €169.45, respectively.

When does the price of holiday homes in Berlin Mitte go up the most?

In 2020, the month that had the highest annual average in Berlin Mitte was May, with an average price of €208.06 per night. This was followed by April, with an average of €205.12, and March, with €195.36.

Is Berlin Mitte a good location for a spontaneous getaway?

It is recommended that you book your stay in plenty of time when visiting Berlin Mitte, as only 34% of our accommodations are usually available throughout the year.

Which months offer the highest availability?

April, May, and June are, in order of highest to lowest, the months that present the largest number of properties available, with respective average availability figures of 50.5%, 42.8% and 38.25%.

Which months is it more difficult to find available rentals?

The months with the lowest properties available in Berlin Mitte are, in order, January, August and February, with respective average availability figures of 17%, 20.6%, and 25.8%, based on data collected in 2020.

How many holiday rentals are there in Berlin Mitte?

Our inventory contains approximately 610 properties from 12 partners.

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