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Highlights in Galway

  • Great Islands
  • Wonderful pubs
  • Impressive monuments
  • Amazing old buildings

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Bed & Breakfasts in Galway: Most popular destinations

Bed and Breakfasts in Galway

Enthralling Bed and Breakfasts surrounded by the Ireland coast

Would you like to enjoy a spectacular holiday in one of the most charming and peaceful places in Ireland? Travel to the beautiful town of Galway, 200 km from Dublin, where you will discover fascinating Bed & Breakfasts with all the comforts to make these rest days the best. In Galway, you can tour the incredible historic centre with fascinating museums, monuments and much more. Explore the surroundings where there are magnificent valleys, impressive cliffs and beautiful islands. Tour the ancient temples and abbeys with unbelievable architecture and fascinating historical facts about Galway. Do not miss the entertaining nightlife that you will find where you can have a good time in any of the fantastic bars and pubs with a great atmosphere that you can visit. Galway has everything you are looking for and much more for a spectacular holiday.

Astonishing Bed & Breakfast with hardwood floors

The Bed and Breakfasts that you will find in Galway are conveniently located less than a kilometre from the most beautiful beaches of the town. With luxurious polished hardwood floors and large windows to take in the wonderful natural scenery, you'll find everything you could possibly want for an unbelievable stay. In the living room, everything is ready for you to enjoy entertainment or relaxation, from cable TV, Wi-Fi access, DVD player to cosy armchairs and sofas around a fireplace with wood. The kitchen area there are offers a variety of appliances such as refrigerator, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher and more, so you can prepare all your favourite dishes comfortably. In the bedrooms you can find great single and double beds for a restful sleep after a day of nature walks. Book your favourite accommodation, so you don't miss out on visiting all the places in Galway.

Travellers and activities

Galway for excursion lovers

In Galway, you will find numerous, interesting and beautiful places to visit that you cannot miss, contrasting incredible natural landscapes with ancient buildings and temples giving the town a medieval air. If you want to explore all that Galway has for you, you can't miss a boat tour of the islands that belong to the town. Known as the Aran Islands, you will find Inis Mor, the largest, followed by Inis Main and Inis Oirr, the smallest. On the day tour you will have the opportunity to discover the charming villages with impressive natural parks that include cliffs, varied hiking trails for all levels and many ancient fortresses with an amazing historical past. A visit to all these islands is one of the must-sees that you will find in Galway.

Galway for temple lovers

you will find in this lovely town some of the oldest temples in Ireland. One of the most popular is Kylemore Abbey, also known as the Irish Taj Mahal, you will find it located in the lovely Connemara National Park on the shores of a beautiful lake where you can take boat rides or take a walk to enjoy the tranquillity from the surroundings. This incredible abbey was built in the 19th century. It is currently inhabited by Benedictine nuns. You can take a tour of the interior and admire the fascinating structure made of green and grey stone giving it a truly beautiful touch, inside you will discover some objects, articles, and monuments that date back to its construction allowing you to know more about this impressive abbey.

The best way to delight in the authentic Irish atmosphere is by visiting the great pubs to enjoy a delicious black beer while listening to Celtic music. Among the most visited you will find The Quay Pub, The Skeff and the well-known King's head located in a building over 800 years old.

Top 7 travel tips in Galway

1. Visit the impressive Galway Cathedral

Known as the Cathedral of Our Lady of Asuncion and Saint Nicolas, it is located on the island of Nun. It was built in 1958. On the outside of its architecture, you will notice that it is made entirely of stone, as well as various details such as impressive ships and other ornaments. This Cathedral is on the banks of the Corrib River, so the views you will get of the surroundings and the landscape are perfect. Enjoy a relaxing walk near the cathedral and the river to enjoy a moment of tranquillity.

2. Explore the Cliffs of Moher

Towards the west coast of Galway, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, you will find an impressive rock formation over 200 meters high and 8 km long, known as the Cliffs of Moher. In the highest part of these natural structures you will find fantastic viewpoints such as the Hag's Head or the O'Brian Tower, so you can contemplate the magnificent views of the sea and the coast. You will also find a great visitor centre that will show you the different routes you can take to do some hiking.

3. Stroll through beautiful Eyre Square

Eyre Square is the main square and the most popular and largest meeting point in Galway, with large green areas and important monuments such as the memorial dedicated to US President John F Kennedy for the visit and speech he offered in this square in the 1960s. Other monuments that you will find in Eyre Square is the magnificent Browne's Doorway, the entrance of an incredible medieval house that retains much of its facade and architecture.

4. Tour the wonderful Galway Museum

Near the famous Spanish Arch, is the fascinating Galway Museum where you can learn all the history of this picturesque town through an exhibition of objects and a wide variety of items and artefacts dating from prehistoric times to medieval times. Leaving the museum, you can't miss a stroll down the lovely Long Walk, where you'll get the best views of Galway Bay and the coastline. This path will take you through the wonderful fishing district called Claddagh.

5. Have fun walking through the Latin Quarter

At the end of Shop Street you will find one of the most beautiful and picturesque neighbourhoods in Galway, the Latin Quarter, with fantastic cobbled streets and colourful facades. When touring the place you can enjoy a pleasant and quiet atmosphere where you will find pubs, bars, restaurants, shops of all kinds and some medieval-style places such as Quay Street. Be sure to try the best typical Irish food dishes such as fish 'n Chips or Irish stew.

6. Discover the old Spanish Arch

The Spanish arch is an ancient medieval wall formed by an incredible double stone arch that is located at the mouth of the Corrib river next to the port. It was built in 1584, where ships from Spain landed. Although it is in ruins, a large part of the arch remains, and it is certainly a pleasant walk that you can take around the area that will take you to the port of the city, where you cannot miss the beautiful views.

7. Explore the wonderful Shop Street

Going through Shop Street is one of the most fun things you can do in Galway, where in addition to being an excellent spot to enjoy sunsets, you will find a wide variety of bars, pubs, shops, and restaurants, as well as museums and old historic buildings such as Lynch's Castle and remains of the wall that protected the city. For lovers of reading, you will find on this street well-known bookshops such as Dubray Books and Charlie Byrne.

FAQs: Bed & Breakfasts in Galway

Which types of amenities are available at the bed and breakfasts in Galway?

Among the facilities offered by Holidu, it can be said that the bed and breakfasts in Galway benefit from everything that holiday-makers want! Here, the bed and breakfasts generally include a variety of amenities, the most popular being: Wi-Fi (98%), garden (55%), and view (35%)...Not bad, right?

What are the reviews like for the bed and breakfasts in Galway?

On average, the bed and breakfasts get quite positive reviews. Last year's data reveals that 40% of bed and breakfasts have a rating of 4.5 stars. This is a fairly high ratio which allows us to confirm that you will without a doubt find the ideal bed and breakfast for a wonderful holiday!

Are the bed and breakfasts in Galway suitable for families with children?

Holidu's data reveals that 54% of bed and breakfasts in Galway are suitable for families with children, it will therefore not be difficult to find the perfect bed and breakfast for you and your family.

Are the bed and breakfasts in Galway suitable for travellers and their pets?

According to Holidu's data, a small percentage of bed and breakfasts in Galway accept pets. We can therefore assume that there are more suitable destinations in Ireland for holidays with a pet.

Do the bed and breakfasts in Galway mostly have an internet connection?

Certainly! According to the data collected last year, 98% of bed and breakfasts in Galway include Wi-Fi. This means that you will be able to stay connected throughout your stay!

How much does it cost for bed and breakfasts in Galway?

A big percentage of bed and breakfasts in Galway (42%) cost less than €100 per night. This is the ideal destination for booking a budget-friendly bed and breakfast!

Do the bed and breakfasts in Galway typically have a fireplace?

Rarely. According to the data collected last year, most of the bed and breakfasts in Galway do not have one.

Are the bed and breakfasts in Galway suitable for stays in big groups or rather for a holiday as a small group?

According to Holidu's database, 100% of bed and breakfasts are made for couples. So this is the perfect destination for travelling as two people. Ready for a weekend away together in Galway? You are only a few minutes away from reserving!

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